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Artimus provides superior quality development, building, and construction services to institutions and developers. We provide an unparalleled number of services while doing both new construction and gut-rehab buildings. With nearly 30 years of experience, Artimus manages many forms of construction including steel structures, poured in place concrete structures, and concrete planks.

Artimus has earned a reputation for working diligently and creatively to find the best solution for every project undertaken. By employing a world-class staff of in-house professionals, we’re able to provide, coordinate and supervise a project from start to finish. Our organization staffs more than one hundred employees, performing work on numerous projects each year with the resources to get it done right. Artimus develops relationships within the community in which it works by employing local contractors, working with local not-for-profit and governmental institutions, and contributing to the local trade schools. Artimus has a commitment to ensure that each project respects quality of life issues of its project's neighbors during and after construction.

In House Resources

In addition to the traditional construction services, Artimus employs in-house resources to expertly handle every phase of a construction project:

Project Management

Project Management takes the project from conception to completion. While value engineering for the job at every stage - in terms of budget, construction technologies and scheduling - we start every job knowing the details and having the ability and oversight to troubleshoot before a problem arises. Artimus project managers are architects, engineers, and construction professionals who coordinate every aspect of the projects among the contractors, suppliers, inspectors, and workers. The project managers also perform construction management analysis during the pre-construction phase using the most advanced tools, such as three dimensional coordination and imaging software and other scheduling and project management software.

Construction Management & Development

Artimus has the unique benefit of a hands-on office-based construction service that deals directly with every jobsite. Taking advantage of the strong mutual relationships we have built over the past 30 years, our team quickly and effectively coordinates with city agencies and utility companies from first approvals to final installation. Our CM&D team has knowledge of all required inspections, is well-organized, and resourceful to ensure that all pieces come together to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy on or ahead of schedule. The CM&D team makes sure the project and the transition to occupancy runs smoothly.

Site Management

At Artimus, we believe that a safe and organized job site is the key to a successful project. Each of our jobsites has a trained crew of employees who can perform various trades of construction and site logistics. Our dedicated site managers supervise and coordinate these crews every day from opening to closing. We make sure the jobsite is safe, efficient, and on schedule.

Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department monitors and prepares the project from Day One at design stage and onward to completion. Our team works directly with the architects and engineers during design and construction to ensure the drawings & details comply with our exceptional and established standards. We are constantly working with the construction mangers to efficiently and capably resolve unforeseen conflicts. The Quality Control Team makes sure our projects look the same in the end as the day they were conceived.


Being part of a professional team entails understanding our marketplace. The Artimus Purchasing Department keeps our projects and site managers informed on trade and material costs. Our underlying goal is to take advantage of our economies of scale and our estimating abilities in order to pass along the lower costs and greater efficiencies to our clients. We also build relationships with a growing family of sub-contractors by allowing them to capitalize on our purchasing support team.


Artimus’ administrative professionals coordinate between sites, vendors, and contractors to ensure prompt payments. Our human resources, accounting and job-site support personnel provide all Artimus employees with the resources, knowledge and support to complete projects on time and on budget. Our administrative staff is responsible for guaranteeing that all employees - both in the field and in the office – receive the support and tools needed to attain prompt and successful project completion.

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By employing a world-class staff of in-house professionals, we’re able to provide, coordinate and supervise a project from start to finish.